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Khan Kubrat's treasure,  saddle decorationTreasures from Malaja Pereshchepina, Nagyszentmiklos, etc.Khan Kubrat's treasure,  golden goblet

The Khazars and the Caspian sea level changes  by N. Gumilev

Volga Bulgars

Bulgars of Alzec in Lombardy, HISTORIA LANGOBARDORUM  by N. Christie


Kubrat  by V. Beshevliev (text in Bulgarian)

Pictures from the VII-IXth cc. capitals Pliska, Preslav (text in Bulgarian)

Archbishopr's Mitre, OchridThreasures of the Ochrid ArchbishopricShroud, Ochrid

-, 921-922
(Ibn-Fadlan, Travel to Volga Bulgaria, 921-922 AD. - Translation from Arabic)

------->> An excerpt in English: Risala: Ibn Fadlan's Account of the Rus
------->>  in Russian: Ibn Fadlan: Zapiska o puteshestviii na Volgu..


On the name and the title of the rulers of Volga Bulgaria  by R. Fahrutdinov (in Russian)
                                (Kindly provided by Mr. Vladimir Belyaev and Mr. Arcady Molchanov)

Iranian elements in the Proto-Bulgarians by V. Beshevliev (in Bulgarian)
                                (Kindly provided by Mr. Vladimir Belyaev and Mr. Arcady Molchanov)

On the Prototype of the Proto-Bulgarian Temples at Pliska, Preslav and Madara by B. Brentjes
Central Asian Buddhist parallels of the Proto-Bulgarian pagan temples from NE Bulgaria

Constantine Porphyrogenitus and the Bulgarians by G. Litavrin (in Russian)

Examples of the early Bulgar constume

IRANICA PROTOBULGARICA: Asparuch und Konsorten im Lichte der Iranischen Onomastik by R.Schmitt (in German)

Altturkische Felszeichnungen in Nordost-Anatolien by H. Vary (in German)

The Bulgars in the Balkans and the Occupation of Corinth in the Seventh Century by K. Setton

On the Capture of Corinth by the Onogurs and Its Recapture by the Byzantines by P. Charanis

The 'Second Bulgarian Empire.' Its Origin and History to 1204 by R. Wolff

The Volga Tatars:
   Origins - The Bulgar State - The Mongol Conquest - The Vaisov's Bulgar sect by A. Rorlich

Documentary evidence about the Bulgars in the IV VII cc. AD by V. Sirotenko (in Russian)

A short description of the Volga Bolgharic r-Turkic  by Mr. Cluster User

Scholars and scientists from Volga Bulgaria  by G. Davletshin (in Russian)

On the origin of the Volga Tatars by A. Smirnov (in Russian)

Great Volga Bulgaria by V. Iliev (in Bulgarian)

The runic epigraphy of the ancient Bulgars by I. Kyzlasov (in Russian)

Slavs, Scythia, etc.:

The Evolution of Slavic Society and the Slavic Invasions in Greece. The First Major Slavic Attack on Thessaloniki, A. D. 597 by Speros Vryonis Jr.

Tamgas (functions of the symbol) by V. Ol'hovskij, 2001 (in Russian). With 9 figures of Sarmatian, Old Turkic, etc. tamgas.

About the Zoroastrianism among the Alans in the VII-IX cc. by R. Rudnickij, 2001 (in Russian)

The time of the appearence of the Alans in Eastern Europe and their origin by A. Skripkin, 2001 (in Russian)

Istorija v osetinskom predanii by R. Bzarov (in Russian)
Description of the feudal relations, classes in Ossetia and of the institution of "nomilus" (second wife)

The Name SLAV by B. Philip Lozinski

The genesis of the Balkan peoples by Vladimir Georgiev

The position of Albanian by Eric Hamp

"Old Scythia" and the Slavs by O. Trubachev (in Russian)
An excerpt about the etymology of "slovene" (Slav) and its connection with the tribal name "stavana" in Ptolemy.

Temarundam "matres maris" by O. Trubachev (in Russian)
About the ancient names of the Black Sea, and about the Indo-Aryan, but not Iranian, language of the Sindo-Maeotian tribes of southern Scythia.

The tribes of European Sarmatia in the II c. AD  by A. Udal'cov (in Russian), with maps

Central Asia, etc.:

History of the Armenians, Moses Khorenats'i -
     Commentary on the Literary Sources by R. Thomson

The runic alphabets of Central Asia by I. Kyzlasov (in Russian)

About the formation of the Pamir-Fergana racial type by L. Jablonskij (in Russian)

The artificial skull deformation in Central Asia by T. Hodzhajov (in Russian)

rmenian sources on Central Asia, V-VII c. AD by L. Ter-Mkrtichjan (in Russian). With a MAP of Central Asia,VII c. AD by S. Eremjan

Central Asia in the Early Middle Ages, ed. G. Brykina. With maps.

About the titles of the Sogdian rulers  by O. Smirnova (in Russian)
                                (Kindly provided by Mr. Vladimir Belyaev and Mr. Arcady Molchanov)

The New Year festival "kalandas" among the Khorezmian Christians from the beginnig of the XI c. AD by S. Tolstov (in Russian)
Al-Biruni's description of the Khorezmian "kalandas" festival, which is similar to those of the Balkans, the north Pontus and the Caucasus;
Khazar-Khorezmian relations, Judean influences from Khorezm to Khazaria

Bactrian marriage contract of 343 AD, N. Sims-Williams (translated in Bulgarian)

The town of Balkh by Sh. Kamaliddinov (in Russian)