The Language of the Thracians,
by Ivan Duridanov

 I. Introduction

II. The Thracian language and the Indo-European family of languages

III. The Thracian words

IV. The Thracian onomastics
    Geographical names - Personal names - Tribal names - Names of deities

V. The Thracian vocabulary

VI. The Thracian inscriptions

VII. Comparative phonetics of the Thracian language

VIII. The Thracian, Dacian and Paeonian languages

IX. The place of the Thracian among the Indo-European languages
     Common phonetical features - Common lexical features

   Selected bibliography
  [For more information about the Thracians seeChris Webb's Thracian site and his new book "The Thracians 700 BC to 46 AD"]

  [ Other opinions on the problem:
     Dr. Harvey Mayer
     John Hill ]

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(An abridged translation of Ezikyt na trakite, Ivan Duridanov, Nauka i izkustvo, Sofia, 1976.)
(c) Ivan Duridanov