The Language of the Thracians, Ivan Duridanov

IV. The Thracian onomastics

   B. Personal names

The Thracian personal names are two-component and single-component. Some of the single-component names are in fact abbreviated two-component ones.

Bendidra, [B]endidros - ‘gift of Bendis (a deity)’.

Brinkazis, Brinkazeis, Brinkainos - ‘fat, stout, a boor’.

Bryzos - ‘quick; somebody who runs to and fro, aimlessly’.

Bzas, Byzs, Byzo - a frequent Thracian name - ‘a goat’.

Cerzula - ‘on black and white spots’.

Dentups - ‘a boy, a son of the clan’.

Dentusucu, Dentusykos, Dentysykos - ‘a girl, a daughter of the clan’.

Deopus - ‘son of god’.

Deospor, Deospuris - ‘son of god’.

Desakenthos - ‘god’s child’.

Diaskenthos, Diascenthus, Diascinthus - ‘god’s child’.

Diazelmis - ‘god’s descendant’.

Diazenis, Diuzenes ‘born of Zeus, divine’.

Dizaps - ‘god’s son’.

Dizapor - ‘god’s son, boy’.

Dizazelmis - ‘god’s child, descendant’.

Drenis - from the IE *dhren- ‘a deer’.

Eptaikenthos, Eptakenthos, Eptekenthos, Eptkenthos, Eptacentus, Eptacens, Iptacens, Eptecens, Eptecentus, Eftacentus, Eftecenthus - a frequent Thracian name ‘Epta’s (a goddess) child’.

Eptaper - ‘Epta’s son’.

Eptaporis, Heptaporis, Eptporis, Eptiporis - ‘Epta’s son’.

Eptarys, Eptepus - ‘Epta’s child’.

Eptpyris, Eptepyris = Eptaporis.

Eptsuchis, Eptsykos, Eptesykos -‘Epta’s girl (resp. boy’.

Eptenis, Eptens - extended with the suffix -en from Epta-, Epte- in a composite Thracian names, such as Epta-kenthos, Epta-per, Epte-pyris, etc.

Eptezenis, Epteizenis, Eptezenus - ‘born of Epta’.

Ezbenis, Esbenus, Hesbenus, Hezbenus, Esbeneios - a derivative with the suffix -en- of the Thracian word for horse *esva-s or *ezva-s.

Gaidrs - ‘shining, bright’.

Kerss, Kersos, Kerza - from the Thracian adjective kerasa ‘black’, also in Thracian personal names Kerse-blepts, Kerso-blepts (an Odrisian king, 359-341 BC) and Kersi-baulos (a Thracian king).

Ketriporis, Cet(ri)p(oris); variants: Kedripolis, Kedreipolis, Kedropolis, Kedrpolis - ‘fourth child’.

Mokasokos - ‘girl (daughter) of the clan’.

Mukaboris, Mukabur, Mukaburis - ‘man (son) of the clan’. The Thracian word muka-s ‘clan, generation’ is also present in a number of two-component names: Muka-kakaes, Muka-tralis, Muka-zeras, Muka-kenthos, Muka-poris, Muka-zenis. The elimination of the second component led to other Thracian names: Mukas, Mukos, Muka (Muca), Mokas, Moca, Mokkas, Mokkos, Mokkus. Also Mukazeis, Mukases, Mucasis, Mukasos, Mukala(s), Muccala, Mucalus.

Mukakenthos, Mucacentus - ‘child, descendant of the clan’.

Mukapaibes, Mucapaibes - ‘child, son of the clan’.

Mukaporis, Mokaporis, Mukaporeis, Mucapor, Mocapor, Mokkaporis, Mokaporos, Mucapora - a frequent Thracian name meaning ‘boy, son of the clan’.

Mukapuis, Mucapus - ‘child, son of the clan’.

Mukazenis, Mukasens, Mucasenes. From Muka- ‘family, clan’ and -zenis ‘born, born in, native of’.

Pytros - ‘bawler, squaller, babbler’.

Rhaskos - ‘quick, brisk’.

Rhaskuporis, Rhaskyporis, Rhskuporis, Rhaskupolis, Rascupolis, R(h)escupolis - names of three Thracian kings, and also of Bosporan kings. = ‘quick, brisk boy’.

Rhskutorm, Rescuturme. (-turme. -torme =  ‘to run’) ‘running fast’.

Rhsos, Rhesus - a famous Thracian king; Rhesos, Rhesus, Resus - ‘king’.

Satrs - see later among the tribal names.

Sautes - ‘“lazy-bones”, “drowsy-head”’.

Skaris - ‘quick’.

Skílas - from the Lith. skílti ‘to set fire’, figurative ‘to run fast, to ride’.

Sura- (Suratralis) - ‘strong, brave’.

Taruthin, Tarusinas, Tarutinos - ‘holding a spear, lancer’.

Zils - from the Lith. zílas ‘grey-haired’, the Latv. zils, zils, ‘blue’.

Zipaibes, Zipaibes - ‘god’s child, son’.

Ziper - ‘god’s son’.

Zipyrn, Zeipyrn - ‘god’s boy, son’.

Zipyros, Zeipyros, Ziepyrus, Zypyr - god’s boy, son’.

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