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Newsgroups: sci.lang
Subject: Re: The Bulgars are Bulgars (Re: Caucasoid Turks/Bulgars)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 23:46:56 GMT
Organization: Yale University

Ok just as a preamble for my list, I substituted b for the schwa sound
in bulgarian and other words that were written in capitals. the
turkish alphabet has has th efollowing peculiarities:

c= *dj* , c, *ch* j = *zh* I (I without a dot, which i write in
capital) = russian bI g~ = *gh*. q and k are not distinguished in
writting but are in speech. ottoman orthography and rural speech
distinguish n and *ng*, h and x. I wrote persian essentially with the
turkish alphabet including short a rendered as e, since it is an open
sound in turkish and the persian a is fronted. I did not do this for
arabic short a, but tried to follow turkish spelling in other
respects, but taking care to distinguish semitic sounds. thus the
similarities in these loanwords is more apparent. I did not bother to
translate if the word in one language did not change in meaning from
one language to another.

this is a draft. I'll may add a few more later.